Tips for creating accessible ads in Hungary

  1. Do not cause any unsolicited or interruptive promotional content to appear. They require action to dismiss, which places an undue burden on all users but especially those with special needs.


  1. Do not cause adverts to flicker or content to move within 2-60 hertz. It is distracting, difficult to read for people with cognitive impairments and can cause seizures. Animated gifs that that loop once or twice very slowly then come to rest after a couple of seconds are more acceptable. Always provide the user with the ability to easily freeze movement.


  1. Adverts that use technologies that may not be installed such as Macromedia Flash or JavaScript should have an accessible alternative version. E.g. an image with the possibility to follow the link if the image is not available.


  1. For text based adverts, ensure the text size is not hard coded and can be resized using browser controls. E.g. use % or .em.


  1. Ensure that the foreground and background colours have sufficient contrast. One tip is to test out by viewing on a black and white screen.


  1. Use simple and concise language appropriate for the audience.


  1. Make sure the target link in an advert is clearly identified.


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