Repeat a Successful Ad — Drop an Unsuccessful Ad

Repeat a Successful Ad — Drop an Unsuccessful Ad

Stay with a winner.

A well-designed ad will not wear out as fast as many advertisers think it will. We have research showing that readers’ interest ratings for an ad can remain consistently high for up to 7 insertions.

But seven is no magic number; continue to run the ad until the reader tires of the message, not until you do. Although it’s tempting to confuse your boredom with the ad, with the boredom of your readers, resist.

Repetition reinforces the message that achieves your objectives, and frequency reinforces basic selling propositions. Although, repetition is not a contributor to the ad’s overall effectiveness, it can contribute to long-term campaign success.

On the flip side, an ineffective ad will not improve with repetition; if it’s not working for you, get rid of it — regardless of it’s artistic beauty or how much time and effort was put into it.

Don’t Blame Ad Placement for Poor Performance

Our data consistently shows that a “good” ad is determined by what is on the page.

While this seems to be overstating the obvious, there are still myths that placement has a direct affect on ad performance. “Right-hand page, Far forward” is a frequently heard request.

Unfortunately, it has virtually nothing to do with whether or not your ad will succeed. A well-designed ad will perform well wherever its location: front or back, left-hand page or right.

Disagree? Next time you’re sitting near someone paging through a magazine check out whether they only look at right-hand pages or whether they close it up when they get to the middle of the issue.

By focusing on ad position, we lose sight of the importance of ad design. It truly is what is on the page that will prompt a reader to read an ad once it has been seen.

In Conclusion

Obviously, all of the rules listed can be broken, and each has exceptions.

After examining readers’ reactions to tens of thousands of ads studied over the years, there is little doubt that the best way to create an effective ad is to present one key idea; in a manner which is easy to read and understand; that speaks to the needs and interests of your target audience; and is supported by the headline, illustration, and text.


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