Online brand investment versus offline brand investment, Packaging

Online brand investment versus offline brand investment

Discussion Topic: Discuss the challenges of branding on the web, how are Pampers developing a branding strategy?

Arthur Andersen changes name to Andersen
Accenture now a clear winner without Andersen name
Is there a window of confusion?
Andersen, Accenture

Discussion Topic: Discuss the evolution of the value of the brand: Andersen

Brand Licensing

Discussion Topic: Discuss the role the corporate logo plays in branding. Cite logos and their inherent value. Discuss logos which have changed, and why?


Consists of a products physical container, label and/or insert.
Approximately 10% of product selling cost.
Development of a container and a graphic design for a product. Can affect purchase decisions IE pump dispenser on a tube of toothpaste.

Packaging Functions include:

  • Protect product and maintain functional form, IE milk.
  • Foil shop lifting
  • Offer convenience, Usage
  • Promote product by communicating features “last 5 seconds of mktg”, Campbells red labels…
  • Develop reusable package for alternative use.
  • Segmentation, tailored to a specific group

Packaging decision serve the channel members and the final consumer.

  • Cost–how much are customers willing to pay for the packaging?
  • Preprinted cost, use UPC codes
  • Must comply with the FDA packaging regulations.
  • Make product tampering evident to the reseller and customer, cost benefit with liability
  • Need to consider consistency among package designs–Family packaging…category consistent…Pringles
  • Need to inform potential buyers of new products content, features, uses, advantages and hazards.
  • Need to create a desirable image through color etc. Can be designed to appear taller or shorter (thin vertical lines for taller) People associate specific colors with certain feelings, Red with fire. Do not package meet in green!!
  • Must meet the needs of resellers–transportation, storage and handling.
  • Environmental responsibility.

CD Packing Issues

AOL Packaging


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